Data Storage iSCSI Solution and Services

Why is it important

Improve storage utilization! | You can increase storage utilization significantly by consolidating your server disk space! | No additional investments in complicated technologies! | You can maintain your storage infrastructure using your expertise in LAN technologies! | Not tied to specific hardware! | You can implement our solution on your existing hardware and recover quickly from outages with the ability to install our solution on almost any hardware!


What is iSCSI Data Storage
iSCSI and iSCSI Data Storages is a technology that is rapidly transforming the IT landscape. and fundamentally changing the way that people build the SANs (Storage Area Network). VMware iSCSI based solutions are becoming the most acceptable way to build SANs.
How Does iSCSI Data Storage Work

Basically iSCSI solutions provide a means for servers to transfer data with iSCSI storage by carrying SCSI commands and Data over IP networks as though the iSCSI storage (disk or LUN) was locally attached. In your local infrastructure the iSCSI can be implemented through either shared Ethernet network or dedicated Ethernet network. iSCSI SANs reduce the amount of storage required by increasing storage utilization. Deploying an iSCSI SAN for storage consolidation provides exceptional cost-savings over traditional Fibre-Channel SANs by simplifying management. Other storage intensive tasks, including backups, nearline disaster recovery, and archiving can also be migrated to the IP SAN network, decreasing LAN traffic and network utilization.

How Can Our Company Help You
We will help you to create iSCSI storage, configure it, and migrate your server data to the new iSCSI SAN increasing storage utilization, decreasing operations complexity, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and providing a greater Return on Investment (ROI). Through iSCSI Storage consolidation we will help you attain your business goals through a top down proactive approach utilizing the leading solutions in the market today.
Why Choose Our Company
If you are concerned that iSCSI Storage and iSCSI SAN implementation sounds too complicated, you probably are right. However, our engineers have very broad hands-on experience and have been working within the technology for a long time. Most of them have earned the highest, industry-leading certifications from Citrix, Dell, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, VMWare.
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How Much Does It Cost
You can start moving your server storage to a iSCSI storage and SAN with a budget as low as just 1000 Euros, including software, and then monitor the results to see how you achieve significant ROI without incurring high costs.The initial costs of iSCSI implementation will be just a very small fraction of costs incurred if you purchase a proprietary box.
How Much Time Does It Take
The iSCSI Implementation and Data Migration of the simplest hardware and software configurations takes less than three days. It mostly depends on volume of data as well as on compatibility of hardware and Consolidated Storage software.

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