Business process simulation

Business process simulation – Make data-based decisions

Companies rarely operate with maximum efficiency. To make sure your organization is doing as well as it can, you need to constantly re-evaluate, improve, and sometimes even completely overhaul your processes. Business process simulation is a good start to this.

Business process simulation is the analysis and experimentation of business processes in a virtual environment without all the risks and problems that may arise when testing something in a live environment.

By using a simulated environment, there is no risk that the company will incur losses and productivity will decrease. By using business process simulation, you are sure that you have a stable environment in which you can work with different ideas and their implementation to see their impact on the company and its performance. With business process simulation, you can work on new radical ideas that have not been tested before to see if they will make a significant contribution to your business.

Business process simulations give the user: a safe environment where new functions, processes, and ideas can be tested without worrying about affecting productivity.


Advantages of business process simulation

  • Use virtual resources

In a virtual environment, you are not limited by the number of staff and resources to test and develop something. Using a simulated environment helps to overcome these problems and see which processes and ideas work and which do not, using available virtual resources.


  • Experiment with different ideas

You can define your input variables to test the process and see how it would work under different conditions. Using this data, you can change the model parameters or even the model as a whole to suit your requirements. This way, you can try out different ideas and models, and create a truly stable process that will work in different conditions.


  • Find the errors before they happen

Another benefit of business process simulation modeling is the fact that you can debug your processes in a virtual environment. This way, you can be sure that all errors have been rectified before the process has been implemented in a real-life environment.


  • Try new ideas

Your team may have several ideas you want to implement. But even if they seem good on paper, there is no guarantee that they will achieve the desired results in the real world. Business process simulation is a great way to try new ideas without investing a lot of resources to make sure that the ideas will achieve the results you want. This method of testing results before implementing a process can help companies eliminate the impact of inefficient processes on actual productivity.


  • Reduce design costs

With business process simulation, you can eliminate inefficient models and processes from the design stage. This will save a lot of time and other resources that would otherwise be spent developing an inefficient process.


  • Checking process improvements has become easier

If you already have an existing process model and want to improve it, then process simulation is a good way to see which improvements work and which don’t without stopping and modifying existing processes in real-time.


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